Standard Suite Financial Services


Bookkeeping & Dashboards Services

Our Standard Suite Financial Services package is designed to help businesses in their initial stages of growth achieve consistency and reliability in their income and profit margins, while also continuing to scale up to at least $150k per month.

Ideal for companies doing at least $750k per year, who are looking to scale up to $1.5mil and are looking for help in the following areas:

Cash flow Confidence

Bringing certainty to cash flows - how much you really have, how long it will last you, and how to make your money work for you

Team compensation

We assist businesses with creating and communicating scalable compensation packages to retain solid team members despite budget constraints.


We'll help remove overwhelm with how long payroll takes, commission tracking and switching your team from 1099 contractors to W2. Even figuring out the age old question: How much should I be paying myself?


Not only making sure you never miss another deadline but we also help to ease your concerns about potentially owing a significant amount in taxes. Businesses at this stage fall into a financial gray area where you earn enough to owe a considerable amount, but not enough to have an established tax strategy that costs $50k per year to put together. We'll make sure you're saving on taxes and not hit with a huge bill.

Bookkeeping & expense tracking

You're used to managing your finances yourself, but it's no longer the best use of your time. You'll no longer be concerned about making mistakes and taking time away from sales. As a result, financial tasks will no longer be delayed or become a daunting undertaking.

Personal finances

You're experiencing HUGE personal financial growth, but need guidance on managing business profits, personal finances, and investments due to previous debts and limited savings.

Services included in the Standard Suite Financial Services:


completed weekly, so you always know where you stand. Reconciliations are done every month on time for finalized reports.

Tax preparation 

for 1 annual business income tax return completed by our contracted CPA and annual W2 and 1099 filings.


including the setup of a payroll software if one does not exist, ensuring all state payroll entities are  properly applied for and taxes filed and paid, and up to 3 payroll runs per month.

Commission & Sales

tracking system made custom for you and your team to implement

Weekly dashboard reporting

including a weekly loom video explaining what’s happening in the business based on custom KPI tracking dashboard to track cash flows, profit margins, sales, collections, and labor efficiency and more!

Dedicated Team

of account managers for questions and other projects needed.

45min coaching calls

Every month to discuss both business and personal finance strategy to help you move towards your goals.

24/7 Slack access

to your finance team

Our Standard Suite Financial Service package begins at $3,000 per month, on an ongoing retainer.

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