Executive Suite Financial Services


Virtual Controller

Our Executive Suite Financial Service is designed for companies doing between $1.5M - $3M per year, who:

Are creating a full team with all departments.

Bringing on their first 1-2 leadership team members

They have proven their offers and have consistent market share, but are looking to scale up to the $5mil per year mark

Create a legacy in their work

Maintain healthy margins while they scale

Our Executive Suite Financial Service is ideal for clients who experience:

 Are experiencing the "7-Figure Suck" as they run into problems they didn't have before! It was easy to wear all the hats before, and now you need to move from Operator to CEO

 Cash flow challenges, labor efficiency problems, attempts to streamline operations

 Want to be completely hands-off with their payroll & taxes

 Need a trusted advisor team to help them create and rebuild processes while maintaining what exists so no balls get dropped.

Services include everything found in our Standard Suite Financial service package, as well as:

Customized Commission & Sales Tracking

system implementation, so you're totally hands off on paying your sales team

Tax Filings

For all other business related taxes. Think Quarterly Estimates, Sales Taxes, Annual Reports, etc

Customized AR tracking

system so you know when payments are missed and can collect immediately

Bill payments

 CC payments

  All vendor payments

 Setup of bill payment systems if needed

Tax Specialist Meetings

These are great for looking at tax structure changes and tax strategy. Not only will we attend these with you, they're already paid for!

Consultative guidance

In all departments to ensure the best team is in place and operating efficiently

We can also be brought into meetings with other departments and 3rd party entities to help on the finance side. We can communicate with 3rd party entities to process things like CC or loan applications, and 3rd party financing setups (such as Divvy or Coach Financing).

Our Executive Suite Financial Service package starts at $5,000 per month on an ongoing retainer

With our services, clients can focus on scaling their business while we take care of the finances.

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