Presidential Suite Financial Services


Virtual CFO

Our most comprehensive and inclusive service available, the Presidential Suite Financial Service ideal for companies doing $3.5M per year who are looking to incorporate an entire accounting department in their business. Everything from an associate accountant to the CFO will be on your team from here on out.

Our Presidential Suite of services are designed to help you address:

Establishing a full executive suite

Having each department fully running itself

Labor maintenance

Controls and compliance

The "too big to fail" mentality - catching those small problems before they become huge.

Aiming to sell and require flawless bookkeeping

We understand that when you're this big, small leaks can sink a very big ship. We'll work with you to ensure that holes are plugged before they're ever a problem.

Services include everything found in our Standard and Executive Suite Financial Offerings, as well as providing:

 Department specific budgets, cash flow maintenance, and establishing overall financial controls - All without your efforts. We'll create financial controls for each department, so leaders can spend what they need, while staying in the right boundaries.

 Maintaining spending controls, and optimizing credit/CC benefits without accumulating debt.

 Developing a full financial team for you and your business. Think Tax Strategist, Investment team, even Legal so we make sure you're always covered and don't pay out unnecessary taxes.

 Attendance to all leadership meetings

 Due diligence services if you ever decide you want to buy or sell your company at some point


Our Presidential Suite Financial Service package starts at $8,500 per month. With our services, you can focus on being the CEO and leader of your business, while we take care of your finances!

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